Amanda Bynes is not pregnant after all. Her lawyer says she is not expecting a baby with partner Paul Michael.

Her announcement that she was pregnant happened two months ago. And within that time up to the present, fans clearly thought she is carrying a baby. However, her lawyer is now letting the truth out. 

Speaking with People magazine, according to David Esquibias, the actress is not going to be a mom anytime soon. Instead, at present, Bynes is striving to stay healthy and safe in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. She has not yet returned to a sober living facility.

It is unclear whether the pregnancy announcement was just made in error, made because she was facing some mental health issues, or made deliberately to lie to people.

Did Amanda Bynes tell a lie about being a mom? Did Paul Michael know about this? One can only wait for more updates to know for sure. 

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It can be remembered that back in mid-March, she announced on her Instagram account that she was expecting. The announcement came with a now-deleted ultrasound photo, so fans at the time were inclined to believe her. Even if it was a surprising announcement and even though there were worries about her health condition, nobody thought to accuse her of her outright lying.  More so when in mid-March, Michael himself, 28, shared a slideshow of photos on Instagram that included pathos of him and Bynes as well as an ultrasound image with Bynes' name on it. By that time, it was already cemented in people's minds that she is indeed pregnant.

Sources even confirmed with People that Bynes was truly pregnant. Enstarz has raised some doubts but eventually also started to believe that the news could be legitimate. At the time, doubts were raised because the baby announcement was made just days after Bynes and Michael called off their engagement. 

It can also be recalled that after Bynes and Michael made their respective baby announcement, Esquibas quickly released to People magazine a statement asking for privacy on behalf of Bynes as she is still seeking treatment for her various and continuous mental health issues. 

Bynes is yet to react to the public revelation that she is not pregnant. 

This is another Amanda Bynes news that would hurt her fans. After all, she was the "it" girl throughout the 2000s. However, everything went downhill when she got herself into a lot of legal troubles in 2012. 

She was sued several times by different treatment facilities that claimed she did not pay her bills that reached thousands of dollars. 

Since then, she became a center of several bizarre and weird news, showing people that she is indeed not alright.

At present, people thought things are changing for the better after she announced being engaged to her boyfriend. However, the new developments in her story are showing just how messy her life truly is. Not only had they call off their engagement prior to announcing the baby, they now have to contend with the fact that for two years, but they also made people think they were expecting a baby.

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