Does Scott Speedman have a death wish? Okay, we don't mean a real death wish, but in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the You actor expressed that he would have been excited to have been killed by the infamous Joe Goldberg. On the third season of the show, Speedman played the role of Matthew, the nextdoor neighbor. Even more specifically, he played the nextdoor neighbor whose wife Love killed while Joe hid the body. Even MORE specifically, the nextdoor neighbor whose wife love killed and whose son love slept with. Yeah, that neighbor.

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With a life so intertwined with the homicidal Goldbergs, it's easy to understand why the performer thought his character's murder might be imminent. What's a bit stranger is that he was arguably...excited for it? Speedman expressed to THR, "Once I started to see where Matthew and his stepson (Dylan Arnold) were going and who they were messing with, I kind of figured that one of us wasn't going to make it here...But understanding the show, you kind of almost want to be killed by Joe Goldberg; it could be kind of fun. So it's fun to make it, but it also would've been fun to not make it. I think that's the charm of the show." Stalking and murder is just so charming, right? 

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While it's easy to poke fun, we can't pretend we don't understand. The dramatic acting challenge that being captured and murdered by Joe Goldberg would present would be a field day for any actor. However, spoiler alert, we know that Matthew lives to see another season; so, don't worry Speedman! You may get to fulfill your death wish after all!