This last Saturday, Simu Liu hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Saweetie. The hilarious episode is the last of the Thanksgiving season. Saturday Night Live has been known for their hilarious holiday sketches. Thanksgiving is no exception! Here are eight of the best Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving sketches of all time.

1. Target Thanksgiving Ad

No one does a commercial parody quite like Saturday Night Live. This last Saturday was no exception. The show came out with a new Target Ad parody sure to make everyone laugh especially hard during this holiday season.

2. A Thanksgiving Miracle

This sketch from back in 2015 reminds us that while the holidays can be hard, Adele will always unite us all. Thank goodness her new album 30 came out just in time for this Thanksgiving!

3. Friends-giving

Ever wonder why there are no Thanksgiving songs? Well, according to this hilarious sketch, starring host Steve Carell, there's at least one. This sketch is sure to get you laughing!

4. Penelope: Thanksgiving

The spirit of giving back rests at the heart of Thanksgiving. The hilarity of Kristen Wiig, however, turns that joyful spirit into one of the funniest things out there! Penelope is absolutely iconic.

5. Back Home Ballers

Going home for Thanksgiving is an adventure for everyone. Saturday Night Live manages to perfectly encapsulate the back home baller energy felt when you step back into your childhood home.

6. Debbie Downer: Thanksgiving Dinner

Debbie Downer, played by Rachel Dratch, is an absolute SNL classic. Combine her with Thanksgiving: absolutely hilarious!

7. Thanksgiving Dinner

This cut for time sketch featuring the ever incredible Kate McKinnon as Harriet is sure to wake up all of your hibernating holiday hilarity.

8. Thanksgivies

We all know about the Dundies, but have you heard of the Thanksgivies? This SNL Thanksgiving awards show for people who ruined Thanksgiving leaves us wondering who we would give out Thanksgivies to.

We hope you can all laugh your way through this holiday season!