Everybody loves Thanksgiving - it's the day of the year where we get together and talk about what we're most thankful for, including each other - no matter how crazy can get. It's funny that a day about togetherness more often than not simply descends into chaos, but people will be people - whether it's your family or people you love like family.

The tradition of "Friendsgiving" was actually popularized by the show Friends with their first Thanksgiving episodes, in which every member of the group gets their plans dashed in some way or another. That episode didn't make this list - but that's a testament to how good Friendsgiving has gotten. (Don't worry, there's a Friends episode right at the top.)

So, without further ado, here are Enstarz 8 picks for best Friendsgiving episodes in a sitcom.

Friends: The One Where Ross Got High

This might actually be the best Friendsgiving episode ever. Everyone is on edge when Monica and Ross' parents come over for dinner - especially Chandler, who just found out they don't like him because of the time Ross blamed him for the smell of weed in his room - but that's not even the highlight of this episode. No, the highlight is Rachel's "traditional" english trifle - which she was NOT supposed to put beef in.

All of the miscommunications, confusion, and secrets of the day come bursting out in the span of less than a minute when Ross and Monica start fighting, overwhelming the Gellers. It's just. The best.

Seinfeld: The Mom And Pop Store

This episode is BARELY about Thanksgiving - Seinfeld isn't really big on the holidays, unless you count Festivus - but there is a very funny bit in which Elaine wins her very eccentric boss a chance to hold a string on a parade float of Woody the Woodpecker by guessing the name of a big band song. Ultimately, she gets the tickets, but the balloon rips while her boss is holding the string. So that's fun.

New Girl: Thanksgiving

So the best Thanksgiving episode of New Girl is probably the first one, where Jess plans a whole day only to reveal she can't cook at all, forcing Schmidt to step in - but honestly, they're ALL awesome, from the one where they go camping to the one where Jess tries to Parent Trap her parents, to the one where everyone's supposed to bring a date and Nick brings Tran from the park.

They're all amazing, so have a mashup.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Ava

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another sitcom that has a litany of awesome Thanksgiving episodes - we love when Boyle dresses up as a turkey - but the best one is probably the season 3 episode "Ava," where Terry's wife goes into labor at the precinct while all hell breaks loose, and the only way to help her deliver the baby safely is for Captain Holt to make amends with his old boyfriend (played by Nick Offerman). The problem is, neither of them wants to budge on the old issue that broke them up, which has something to do with a wooden mallard.

Gilmore Girls: Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

In this episode of the charming classic Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lorelai try to squeeze in four Thanksgivings - including this Friendsgiving where all the men are so excited about deep-frying their turkey that you'd think it was some kind of sporting event. Sookie is abjectly horrified, and disappointed she didn't get to cook here - but the episode has a lot going on and it's pretty fun.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Squashes Their Beefs

In this very fitting episode of Always Sunny, The Gang kinda throws a Frenimies-giving. They invite all of the people they've wronged or gotten into fights with in the past year, and attempt to "squash the beef" with them by having them sign a contract about it.

Needless to say, the episode devolves into a brawl.

Friends: The One With All The Thanksgivings

Yes, yes, we did two Friends episodes. Come on, they INVENTED Friendsgiving!

"The One With All The Thanksgivings" is a fun flashback episode that actually establishes a lot of the gang's backstory - it reveals that Chandler is missing a toe, that a comment of his is the reason Monica decided to lose weight, and that Phoebe was a Civil War nurse in a past life. Plus, it finally shows the scene where Chandler's parents told him they were getting divorced right over dinner - "More turkey, Mr. Chandler?"

Plus, the episode ends with Candler telling Monica that he loves her for the first time. While she has a turkey on her head.

Community: Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations

This one isn't really a Friendsgiving episode, exactly - Annie, Abed, Troy and Pierce go to Thanksgiving dinner with Shirley's loud and overbearing family, and proceed to spend the whole night trying to figure out how to escape, while Britta forces Jeff to try to talk to his estranged father.

Both Thanksgivings are predictably terrible, though, so in the end they come together for a nice one in the study room with their REAL family - "the one we chose." (They even invite the dean!) That's really what Friendsgiving is all about, isn't it?