The trailer for the highly anticipated second season of HBO's original series Euphoria just dropped, and it promises even more twists, turns, and big decisions than the season that came before it.

The trailer opens on Rue (Zendaya), back in rehab and hauling around a big, mysterious suitcase - which we later learn is full of pills, which she may or may not intend on selling. Scenes from their high school are interspersed with scenes at wild parties filled with smoke and people dancing and taking pills, as a voiceover reminds us:

"There's a difference between what you should want and what you actually want."

The exact placement of the quote makes one wonder if it's Jules (Hunter Schafer) that Rue isn't sure if she wants - because though she talks about love at first sight, it seems like either the drugs or the one she's getting the drugs from might be getting more of her attention.

The trailer also hints at more high drama (not just high SCHOOL drama), from Maddy (Alexa Demie) announcing that she feels like she "would look so sexy pregnant" (which is hopefully NOT foreshadowing) to a car crash to an image of someone cocking a gun with the sound of hospital monitors in the background - so whatever happens, it's going to be big enough for someone to get hurt.

We'll find out exactly who and how when Euphoria returns to HBO on January 9 at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes air every week, and they will simultaneously become available to stream on HBO Max.