It's only been a few months since we bid adieu to 30 Rock but Tina Fey's is already busy working on new television projects. One of her new comedies now has a series commitment from FOX, according to a Deadline report

FOX emerged as the victor after a very competitive bidding war for the new project, the coveted status of the team behind the show seems to have spurred a rare series commitment, even before a pilot was produced. The show is being helmed by 30 Rock alum, the team of Fey, Matt Hubbard and Robert Carlock, who will all share production duties. Hubbard was the executive producer of 30 Rock, and Carlock co-ran the show with creator Fey. The only staff member without the 30 Rock affiliation is David Miner (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) who will also be executive producing the show, and co-writing it with Hubbard. Fey won't be starring in the comedy.

The multi-camera comedy will be set in a women's college that, for the first time in its history, begins accepting men.

This is the second deal for Tina Fey's production company, Little Stranger, this week. The comedienne, writer and actor also sold a single camera comedy to NBC. This project is being written by former 30 Rock scribe and producer, Colleen McGuiness, and will be co-produced by Fey and Carlock. The workplace comedy, which is set in Fire Island, New York, is about a young lady who searches to reconnect with her father, and makes new friends and family as she begins to create a home for herself.

This new project is the third in the list of Universal and NBC-affiliated shows -The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine - that will air on FOX.