Alexander Skarsgard Naked on 'True Blood' Season 6 Finale [VIDEO], Season 7 Spoilers Revealed

Alexander Skarsgard left nothing to the imagination when he went full frontal naked on the season six finale of True Blood, which aired on HBO.

The 36-year-old actor showed off his sexy bod in the clip (watch below.) The scene also shows a major spoiler for his character Eric.

In the clip, Eric was high on Warlow's Faerie blood, which allowed him to sit in the nude reading a book by an ice lake in Sweden. When the pixie plasma wore off, though, he once more became susceptible to the sunlight and quickly catches fire.

Minutes after the end of the season six finale of the blood-sucking series, the internet lit up with speculation about the future of Eric and none of it was rosy. There have been rumors all season that one of the main players would see a fiery end come the conclusion.

E Online's Watch With Kristin writes: "Hard to say if Eric is 100 percent dead as the show then jumped ahead six months...and never showed us the tall, blond and handsome vamp again.  Gah! (Fingers crossed that Pam got to him in time to save him!)"

Another huge twist during the season six finale included Sookie's love interest Warlow, played by Rob Kazinsky, who ended up on the receiving end of a stake to the heart.

Watch Alexander Skarsgard on the season finale of True Blood:

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