A new teaser video for the fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down was released recently ahead of the HBO season premiere on Sept. 29.

The teaser plays on an image of Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) as the phoenix rising from the ashes. The video opens with an introduction from a loud booming voiceover (of the powers that be), which beams with high-praise for the show's protagonist Kenny Powers, a former professional baseball pitcher:

"Throughout time they have been regarded as Titans, the thick embodiments of power, prestige, and pure uncut celebrity. It was told by the ancients that one such legend would be reborn to rise again like the mighty phoenix, one last time."

Powers is born of the the high-power impact of the incandescent phoenix against seething molten earth. Dressed in a smoldering (with burning cinders and all) black suit, he claims the fiery entry doesn't hurt at first. A second later he casually acknowledges the discomfort while gently brushing off some of the ash off of his suit, saying, "yeah, it's totally burning my body."

Linsay Lohan is guest starring in the final season, she will be playing Powers' grown-up illegitimate daughter who will be getting married in the show. Lohan is already being lauded for her work and professional demeanor while shooting for the season. She received a standing ovation from the cast and crew, and her sober-living coach for her performance on the sets, according to reports.

"Lindsay didn't just conduct herself professionally while on set this week in North Carolina -- showing up on time and memorizing her lines backwards and forwards -- she was actually funny too," TMZ reported.

Watch the teaser: