Misha Colins is speaking up about an exciting new season of Supernatural in another Facebook promo for the CW drama.

Now that Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) has cast Heaven's host out of their lofty perch and has stolen Castiel's (Collins) grace, God's soldiers are stuck roaming the earth and creating scuffles between themselves.

"All of the angels in heaven have fallen to earth. Some have some powers, some are completely bereft of powers, but Cas is totally human," Collins explains in his new interview. "He's going to, for the first time in his life, experience what its really like to be a human being, things that I've been sort of hoping we could do with Cas' character for a long time,

While the former angel learns how to complete mundane tasks like laundry and properly using a bathroom, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) may need to give the otherworldly being a little bit of help, despite being separated from him when the season begins.

"He has not taken to some of the 'Dean lessons,' so we'll see," Ackles said at Comic-Con in reference to the time he took Cas to a brothel, according to Huffington Post. "Sam might have to be a little bit more fatherly."

Collins also praised the series for being daring enough to take "enormous risks" in order to be "incredibly epic." One of these big risks that will show up in the season premiere is Sam's close brush with Death - both the state of being and the supernatural entity (Julian Richings) - and Dean's journey inside his brother's mind.

Supernatural returns to the CW on Oct. 8.

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