Supernatural fans that were looking for a return of Adam (Jake Abel) during season 9 may finally have an answer to their oft-asked question.

Unfortunately, fans of the Winchesters' half-brother may not be too pleased with the recent news.

"Sorry, but not on our radar at this time," tweeted producer Jim Michaels when a follower asked if the season 5 character would be rescued from the Cage anytime soon.

Originally killed and reanimated by ghouls in his debut episode during season 4, Adam was revived yet again in season 5 so that he could serve as a vessel for the archangel Michael.

After the heavenly creature takes over the boy's body, Adam winds up careening into the Cage with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) where his soul currently resides and is tormented by the devil and his brother.

However, Supernatural fans do have a host of returning characters to look forward to.

Bobby (Jim Beaver), who has appeared several times since his death in season 7, will be back fro the premiere, along with Death (Julian Richings). Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) is set to return in episode 4, "Slumber Party," as well as several other episodes this season. As for Garth, a recent tweet by actor DJ Qualls points to a possible return sometime during season 9.

Supernatural will return to the CW on Oct. 8.