Bruce Willis' new Saturday Night Live promo features SNL castmember, Cecily Strong, and shows him playing the harmonica while combating Strong's Die Hard obsession.

It's been over two decades since Willis last hosted SNL, which was in 1989. Through the promo, Willis maintains his cool while Strong works an antithetical pitch. She is all frazzled, overwhelmed with nervous excitement, at her first time acting in an SNL promo.

"This is the first time they let me do a promo. I am still figuring it out," she explains to Willis who calmly lets her know that she is doing great.

In the next take, Strong unleashes the Die Hard fan girl in her, running in to inform Willis that a group of evil geniuses have taken over Rockefeller center and are asking him to save them. Willis responds -- again with a lot of composure -- by calling 911. 

As the 58-year-old action star announces that he will be hosting with musical guest Katy Perry, Strong follows it up by mimicking him. Willis looks disconcerted asking her if she was mocking him. Strong lets him know that she was only working on her impression for professional reasons saying, "This is my craft, Die Hard!"

Then Strong shares her ideas -- "Live Hard Die Hard," "Die Hard Play Hard," "Live and Let Die Hard" -- for Die Hard sequels with Willis. The star gives a call to Hollywood right after.

But in spite of all of Willis' efforts, Strong has not quite sated her Die Hard obsession, and has the two of them portray characters by reading off of cue cards. As her character cries for help, Willis takes embraces her and reads lines that flatter Strong -- "You are so so beautiful."

This episode of Saturday Night Live will air on Oct. 12 on NBC.

Watch the promo here: