Bruce Willis didn't hold back on the jokes when he hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 12.

One of his top moments of the night included a segment called Black Ops Command, in which he and SNL cast members played soldiers getting commands for a vital mission. Willis' simple task was to stay in the van but instead, he went above and beyond by discussing with his team possible scenarios that ended with him killing the villains.

in another skit, called the Centauri Vodka, Willis wore a long wig and pretended to be a centaur. He portrayed a man who represents the brand Vodka but he fears the "man" part of his body will mess up his gig.

Willis and the boys of SNL  later reveal what really goes on when women leave and let their guys watch a football game. A group of friends threw a "Boy Dance Party" and Willis surely got into character -- he even shows off his twerking skills.

The Hollywood Reporter named an Armageddon sketch as one of Willis' best moments while hosting the show. The skit was supposed to be a group of bad boys rescuing the planet and its residents by defeating an asteroid, but one guy would've rather went home to see his cat.

Saturday marked Willis' return to host the improve show after 24 years (1989), according to Yahoo! TV. Katy Perry was the featured musical guest.