Now that this season's "The Voice" is over, a new show called "The Choice" will debut June 7, which will help celebs find love with ordinary contestants.

The show, produced by Fox, will feature six episodes in which four celebrities sit in spinning chairs (sound familiar?) as the ordinary contestants try and win their hearts.

The DailyMail reports that the show will be hosted by Cat Deeley. Male celebs to star in the show include Rob Kardashian, Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino, Pauly D, Tyson Beckford, Joe Jonas, Dean Cain, Rocco DiSpirito, Romeo, Taylor Hicks, and more. Carmen Electra, Hope Dworacyzk, Rima Fakih, and Sophie Monk are among the female celebrities.

The episodes will feature the four celebrities in the spinning chairs listening to the contestants' "please date me tonight" pitches. It seems that only one out of six episodes will feature female celebrities with male contestants.

Fox's alternative series guru Mike Darnell told Entertainment Weekly: 'The [female contestants] took it ridiculously seriously, like they were getting married."

Darnell also told US Weekly: "I think there's a big hole in the dating show world. There hasn't been a new hit since The Bachelor, and there hasn't been an in-studio one that's worked since The Dating Game 30 years ago. I was thinking about how to do a blind-date show without using a wall or blindfolds, and the spinning chairs seemed like a great way to do it."

Seems that Carmen Electra enjoyed filming the new show. She tweeted yesterday: "Had so much fun filming Fox's new show @TheChoiceonFOX this week! I'll keep u guys posted on when the show will air! #thechoice"