Kordell Stewart is still telling his side of the the story surrounding rumors that he's gay and stopped by the "Ryan Cameron Morning Show" Tuesday Morning to talk about estranged wife, Porsha Stewart and the real reason he filed for divorce in March.

Kordell revealed that him and Porsha aren't officially divorced, so she's still his wife on paper. As far as why he filed for divorce, he said their whole relationship changed when she became a reality star on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"When I allowed Bravo in the house, I went against the grain of what I represent. I'm private. I had to compromise everything about my manhood from the standpoint of--I'm going to let my wife do what she do....and that's it," he said.

The former NFL player said he's not gay, despite how Porsha tried to portray him on the season premiere of RHOA. However, he revealed that they had a convo when they first started dated about gay rumors that were circulating.

"When we were dating maybe 2-3 weeks into our relationship. We were at her condo and I asked to talk to her about something since we're about to move forward in this relationship. I said I just want you to know there were rumors way back then. I brought it up. She said she had heard something about it. And she said no big deal, I know a lot of guys that are gay. I said no, that has nothing to do with me," he said.

Kordell also said that he's never been arrested despite reports that he was involved in lewd acts with a transvestite while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I never got arrested in that state or that city. I was a black QB in the city of Pittsburgh. Making millions. I wasn't going to let any false rumors mess up my money, and I didn't indulge in the rumors at that time," she said.