Fashion expert Tim Gunn spoke to Enstars about who is getting it right and who is getting it wrong when it came to sartorial choices in Hollywood.

Gunn doesn't mince his words when playing fashion critic, even if we are talking about former secretary of state Hilary Clinton or Hollywood veterans like Meryl Streep.

The Project Runway mentor has recently started writing for Politico and will be critiquing the fashion sense of politicians "every four to six weeks" for the publication.

In the past, Gunn has been known to take swipes at Clinton for being completely out of touch when it came to dressing right. His opinion has since changed and now he feels Clinton might be coming around -- and the presidential elections might have something to do with her recent fashion "epiphany."

"I would say this though I have been very critical in the past of our former secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, she has had some sort of fashion epiphany, I mean suddenly she is looking fabulous!" he said.

He feels she is paying attention to her appearance as she might be gearing up for playing in the big league.

"I am thinking, I smell a presidential race ahead of us. But there is definitely a change and one that's positive," he added.

Gunn pointed out a few great examples in the White House, politicians who people needed to take notice of and credit for their taste in clothes and how they presented themselves.

He suggested that most politicians could definitely take a "page from Nancy Pelosi's book."

"How great does she look! And she is not denying her gender, her clothes say I am a woman and so many female politicians on the hill are trying to dress in this way that is, I wouldn't even say that it's androgynous," he said. "It's more about wearing menswear tailored suits and it's just desperately unflattering. And leader Pelosi, for me she is an icon and of course we have Mrs. Obama. also an icon. I would just wish that more people would stand up and pay attention."

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Like Clinton, who suprised him with her sudden change in style, Meryl Streep also caught Gunn's attention this year.

"I think Meryl Streep has taken a very dramatic turn towards the fabulous, and I don't know whether she has had an epiphany either. I read an article in Vanity Fair magazine about her in which she said I don't care about clothes, and basically I think what she is saying is I am too smart for them," he said.

The fashion consultant reiterated the need for people to not disregard their appearance and the value of taking care to dress right. Gunn went on to speak about his philosophy on clothes; how the way one dresses plays an important role in how they are perceived.

"I am always talking about the semiotics of clothes, the clothes we wear sends a message about how the world perceives us and that's a very serious matter and I am always more interested in stars who have navigated the world for a while, the starlets interest me a lot less, I mean these young kids," he said. "So I love the Helen Mirrens, the Meryl Streeps, I like women who have experience with the world because they really no who they are and they know how they want to present themselves to the world."

Even though the older, more experienced Hollywood A-listers seem worthy of his attention, a few younger stars merit a mention from Gunn.

"I am a huge fan of Anne Hathaway and how she presents herself, it is with a sophistication and a high taste level and elegance that doesn't say I am a fashion victim or I am trying too hard, there's a grace to Anne Hathaway that I admire a great deal," he said of the Les Miserables star.

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