There are numerous TV shows on Netflix available for streaming, including some of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the past decade.

Netflix features several quality dramas through its streaming service, including Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Son of Anarchy. Users can easily catch up on these addictive dramas and join the conversation around the water cooler.

If comedies are more your style, Netflix has plenty of those in its library. The streaming service currently has such favorites as How I Met Your Mother, The Office and 30 Rock among other classic comedies in its rapidly-growing library.

Netflix also has several juicy, plot-heavy dramas, including two seasons of American Horror Story and Scandal

There are numerous modern classics in the library as well, from Friday Night Lights to Dexter to ABC's Lost

Netflix has gotten into the game as well, producing their own original series, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and bringing back cult comedy Arrested Development with all new episodes.

Here's a gallery of 15 TV shows to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly: