Farrah Abraham took to Twitter Friday, Jan. 10, responding to criticism she received from her Couples Therapy co-stars in its Jan. 9 episode.

"I love seeing how limited my housemates seem t be. I know it's hard to get, I'm hot 22 and an amazing mother," she tweeted. "I'm happy I get bashed by? ??? (Oh wait it doesn't matter) #TakeAdvantage #Work #ThanksHaters."

The former Teen Mom star specifically addressed Taylor Armstrong, who went on a rant during the episode while drunk.

"Farrah doesn't have any idea who she is, what she's doing. She thinks she's the biggest celebrity on the planet. She could be the most self-absorbed human being I've ever met," Armstrong, a former star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, said.

Armstrong continued bashing the single mom after Abraham revealed to her housemates that she planned to add a Christian parenting manual and a sex novel to her memoir, creating a trilogy of books.

"She's got a trilogy? I'm 42-year-old with a lot more money than you, baby, and I couldn't do all that," Armstrong said. "I don't know any trilogies except Star Wars."

Abraham did confront Armstrong in the episode, saying, "If you drink and act rude to people, I have a hard time with that. I'm not talking about how old they are, [and] the lack of things they've done."

She continued to slam Armstrong via social media, tweeting "Looks like Taylor is insecure...hmm sorry I'm confident and work hard, I don't need to marry someone to have a life, wish you and John the best."

Armstrong has not commented on Abraham's remarks at time of publication.

Couples Therapy airs on Vh1 Thursday nights at 9/8c.