Braxton Family Values is back Thursday and Traci Braxton is finally getting her moment!

Traci has always felt left out in the family ever since her sisters were young and she was forced to leave the family's singing group because she got pregnant. In the first and second seasons of BFV, fans saw Traci down and depressed that the spotlight was always on her sisters. But now, after successfully landing a radio show, things are finally going Traci's way, as she goes into the studio to record a new song.

"I am so excited. I'm laying down my vocals today for the first track on my album. I just flew into Altanta, so I'm a little tired, but I'm ready and willing," Traci says.

Though she is excited about her studio session, the producers find Traci underprepared when she tells them she has yet to listen to the new song. She also finds herself fumbling on the words.

"I feel a little guilty because I haven't done any of my homework on this track. I was so busy with my radio show and trying to mend my relationship with my sisters. The producers caught me with my pants all the way down," she says.

When Traci begins to record the new song, she barely knows the words and the producers are unhappy with how she's singing.

"Your timing is off, and you're a little flat," the producer says.

Meanwhile, Trina Braxton gets a little jealous after Gabe is caught flirting with her staff.

A new episode of BFV airs this Thursday at 9 p.m. on Wetv. Check out a few sneak peek videos below: