New information on CBS' The Young and the Restless have surfaced, as the program is set to feature Victor consoling Chelsea and Billy facing off against Adam at Delia's roadside memorial.

At Sharon's, Nick wants to know what she saw out the window. She says that it wasn't anything. Faith comes downstairs and says that it was a ghost.

Chloe comes to the station and goes on a rant to Kevin about Chelsea and Adam tying the knot. She wants him to stop them from going to Paris.

Spoilers From January 24, 2014 Edition Of Y&R

While at the penthouse, Chelsea slams the video recorder closed after hearing Adam's confession. Victor soon arrives and comforts her. Chelsea tells him that Adam wants to get away and all the secrecy in the last couple months.

Devin pays Hilary a compliment for coming up with the theme for Delia's fundraiser and invites her to volunteer. She chuckles at the thought of working alongside Lily, but Devon feels that Lily will put aside their differences.

Stitch arrives at Victoria's place looking for Billy. She says that his phone is going to voicemail. They assume he must be out trying to clear his head.

Meanwhile, Adam attempts to apologize to Billy. The former says that he was going to turn himself in and that they want the same thing. Billy points his gun and recalls the events of the deadly night and demands that Adam come clean on what occurred in the two minutes he was inside the store. Adam weeps that "It was an accident."

Spoilers From January 27, 2014 Edition Of Y&R

Adam goes on about how he swerved away from a dog and checked if he hit anything, which he thought he didn't However, once he located the scarf he knew. Soon after, Adam admits that he killed Delia.

Kevin tells a crying Chloe, "You weren't supposed to find out this way. She asks, "Adam is the hit-and-run driver?"

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