NCIS fans get to see a new side to Ellie Bishop after it's discovered that she has to be supervised.

It also seems Bishop may know more about Parsa then she's let her team believe. Leroy Jethro Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS crew don't seem to know a thing about Bishop's past problems.

"Why haven't you returned my messages?" Bishop's supervisor asks her. "When exactly were you going to tell me you're working on Benham Parsa?"

"It was assigned to me. I didn't seek it out, I was just doing my job," Bishop replies.

"And as your supervisor, I'm just doing mine," he says. "I'm still responsible for your actions and well-being, both of which concern me."

Bishop then tries to reassure him and says, "This isn't like last time."

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The supervisor then asks if Gibbs knows about what happened. He then tells Bishop he will let her be for a while and complains about the weather. His complaint seems to make Bishop think of a clue and she runs off.

Emily Wickersham, who plays Bishop, previously teased that a different side of her character will be revealed during season 11.

"For me, I think the faults in people are the most interesting and fun things to play. Like anyone, she's got her weaknesses for sure," she told TV Line in January. "Even though she's usually very on top of it, there are definitely weaknesses and faults that'll pop out."

Will Bishop be able to make it through the rest of the Parsa case?

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