New information has surfaced on The Young and the Restless, as Nick discovers the return of an unwelcome man, Jill makes a surprise comeback and Noah hears the hard truth from Courtney.

On Wednesday's episode, Nick will arrive at the ranch to check on Nikki and Victor, who isn't home at the time. Nick fears that the death of Adam will affect Victor tremendously.

After spending some more time with Nikki, he gets an intuition that something else is bothering her. He turns out to be right since she says that Ian Ward has come back. (Ward is the biological father of Nikki, who impregnated her. She gave up the child for adoption.)

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Nick isn't the only one who will be stunned on Wednesday's segment. Noah finds out that Courtney is actually an undercover cop from the Genoa City Police Department. She speaks about her schemes, including pretending to be a high school student. Courtney attempts to reassure Noah that her feelings for him are real. But, Noah can't get over the fact that she's a narc.

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Courtney expresses her love for Noah but he doesn't reciprocate. Instead, he says he fell in love with a girl that isn't real.

Jill also surprises people as she comes home with her husband Colin. When asked why she brought Colin back she simply says they happened to run into each other. Jill says her excitement for seeing Colin took her by surprise. While Jill tells Jack, Esther, Cane, Lily, and Devon that she still loves Colin he says he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

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