Ever since her husband came home from jail, Drita has been happy in love, but that's not a good thing for her music career.

Her relationship with Lee may be great for their two kids, but it's affected Drita's ability to write rap songs.

"Remember I used to tell you, I used to write back in the day. I could write rap songs like nothing," Drita tells Lee on the phone. "You've seen me writing now... I think you've f--ked me up."

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Drita went on to explain that because she's happy at the moment with Lee, she's not able to write tough rap lines.

"I'm like a happy d--k on a f--king rainbow. How do you write a rap song?" she says. "You're cramping my f--king style, man."

Lee's response to that was: "I'm happy about it though."

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In last week's episode, fans saw Drita in the studio with one of her favorite rappers - Staten Island native Method Man. When the rapper walked into the recording studio, Drita couldn't control her excitement and pounced on him.

"I want to violently attack him but it's all love," she told the cameras.

See if Drita will be able to record a hard rap song when Mob Wives airs on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday.