Dylan and Nick will team up on the next episode of The Young and the Restless to stop Ian War.

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Dylan's frustration with Ward is apparent and he's even mad at himself for bringing the cult leader back into Nikki's life.

He then decides that Nick will be the perfect one to help him get rid of Ward. After the two meet at Crimson Lights, Dylan explains how much Ward's return is affecting Nick. She's not only stressed, but has also been suffering from intense nightmares.

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Dylan says that they both should find Ward and get him to leave Genoa City.

In the meantime, Summer meets with Ian in an office and he promises to show her a path that is her destiny.

He also wants to know all about her and says, "I'm all ears."

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Summer begins to fill him in and says she doesn't know where her life is taking her. She also speaks about what it's like to be the granddaughter of Victor Newman.

Ian asks her if she's a risk taker or has ever left her comfort zone. He also says that she has to trust him and let him take over. Summer agrees to take a personality profile at the Club.

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