Louis CK will be hosting the March 29 episode of Saturday Night Live, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

Louis CK to Appear on Jerry Seinfeld's Show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The comedian will be taking mainstage for the second time at the late night variety show after over a year. CK made his SNL debut in November 2012. The musical guest for the show hasn't been announced yet.

Last week, another comedienne, Lena Dunham, made her SNL debut. Dunham took swipes at the explicit portrayal of sex and graphic nudity on her show Girls, in both her opening monologue and sketches. The 27-year-old writer/actor also parodied Liza Minnelli -- referencing her most recent appearance at the Oscars and Ellen DeGeneres making the transvestite joke. Dunham also did what seemed like a spoof of Girls featuring Adam and Hannah in a biblical context. Dunham seems to have almost successfully pulled off her first appearance on SNL.

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The last time CK was on SNL, he performed many bits from his new material which later featured on HBO's Oh My God, the comic's fifth one-hour special, shot in Arizona. He also memorably played Abraham Lincoln -- who walks into bar and tries to seek some gratification from a black guy in the bar for emancipating him from slavery -- in one of the sketches, which transposes Lincoln into a Louie-styled episode.

The third season of Louie, the 46-year-old's hit FX series, is also in it way. Perhaps CK is warming up to the show's May release by making his second appearance on SNL.

Watch CK's Abraham Lincoln sketch on SNL: