The upcoming second season of Orphan Black will feature a character who was presumed dead coming back for a surprising return.

Orphan Black Season 2's New Characters

A character who had died previously is set to make a big return in season 2, according to a new report by TV Guide. While the report does not reveal which character this may be, the biggest character death in season 1 was likely Helena (Tatiana Maslany), suggesting that she may not have died in the season finale.

The report also reveals that Sarah (Maslany) is going to call upon an "unlikely ally" as she attempts to get her daughter back.

New Felix & Cosima Details Revealed

In other Orphan Black spoiler news, the plot synopses for the first four episodes of season 2 have been revealed. In the premiere episode, titled Nature Under Constraint and Vexed, Sarah will be on a "desperate race" to get her daughter back.

In episode 2, titled Governed By Sound Reasons and True Religion, Alison (Maslany) will be struggling with the death of her friend Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska), who she killed in the season finale.Meanwhile, Sarah is shocked to see where the trail to find her daughter leads.

Episode 3, titled Mingling Its Own Nature With It, Sarah is forced to go back to someone from her past - an old romantic partner named Cal Morison.

Finally in episode 4, titled Governed As It Were By Chance, Cosima (Maslany) does some digging into the origins of the big clone experiment.

Orphan Black season 2 premieres Saturday, April 19 on BBC America.

Watch the promo for season 2 of Orphan Black below: