'Girls' Season 3: Five Things We Learned From Hannah, Marnie & More [VIDEO]

Amid all the entertaining drama, Season 3 of Girls was also filled with a few important life lessons. Below are five of them:

When your significant other needs space, sometimes there's nothing more to it.

After Adam temporarily moved out to focus on his Broadway play, Hannah became embarrassingly insecure. (Remember when she randomly showed up at Ray's house in the middle of night?) Despite Adam's insistence that his move was solely to perfect his performance, Hannah believed their relationship was falling apart. In the end it was clear that Adam simply wanted to have an exceptional show. So, sometimes it's best to sit back and be patient in such a situation.

Don't take people for granted.

Season 3 had its share of sad moments. First it was Hannah's editor David, who was found dead after her birthday celebration. Then it was her grandmother. While Hannah's grandma was in the hospital, her mother expressed regret for not mending their broken relationship sooner. Hannah also shared a touching moment in the hospital when her granny told her, "People aren't always right." And, just when it seemed her grandmother was in recovery, Hannah received a phone call that she passed. The episode was just a reminder that people won't always be there.

It will take a while to get where you want to be.

It seems Hannah wants things to happen way faster than they probably will. For example, she quickly quit her job at GQ because she felt her talent was being stifled and criticized her co-workers for spending so much time there. Yet, you have to start somewhere, even if it's not your ideal situation.

Don't sleep with your best friend's ex.

It's safe to say most fans were probably shocked to see Marnie in bed with Shosh's ex-boyfriend, Ray. They were probably a little less surprised with Shosh's reaction when Marnie told her - she jumped on Marnie and screamed, "I hate you!" So in case you're unsure, it's NOT okay to sleep with your friend's ex behind his or her back.

Don't put your plans on hold for others.

Hannah finally got into grad school at Iowa's two-year Writers' Workshop, one of the best programs in the country. At first she was a bit skeptical since she'd be leaving her boyfriend, friends and New York life behind for a while. After a little convincing for her super excited parents, Hannah decided it would be best attend. When she told Adam prior to his opening night on Broadway - aka the worst time ever - he was clearly not pleased. Right after the performance it's presumed the two broke up since an angry Adam asks her, "Well, I'm sick of trying to work it out... why can't one thing ever be easy with you?" Hannah heads home and grabs her acceptance letter with a smile on her face. The point: Friends and lovers can come and go but a big opportunity may only happen once. Take it.

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