Louis CK's Saturday Night Live promo featuring Kenan Thompson was released on the night of March 25.

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CK will be hosting the show on March 29 with musical guest Sam Smith. In the promo, CK is seen casually announcing that he would be hosting the show with Thompson steering the conversation into absurb territory with his interjections. At one point Thompson tells CK that he was pulling of his "character" really well. CK looked all confused suggesting he was playing himself but Thompson insists that he was playing "Louie" from his FX show really well, at which point CK broke into a Southern drawl pretending to be somebody else. Thompson is satisfied and shakes his hand suggesting it was nice to finally meet CK.

In another take, when Thompson tells CK that the studio they were in "is where it all happens," CK assumes he means this is where they smoked pot. The two then excuse themselves to use the rest room.

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The comedian will be taking mainstage for the second time at the late night variety show after over a year. CK made his SNL debut in November 2012.

The last time CK was on SNL, he performed many bits from his new material which later featured on HBO's Oh My God, the comic's fifth one-hour special, shot in Arizona. He also memorably played Abraham Lincoln -- who walks into bar and tries to seek some gratification from a black guy in the bar for emancipating him from slavery -- in one of the sketches, which transposes Lincoln into a Louie-styled episode.

The third season of Louie, the 46-year-old's hit FX series, is also in it way. Perhaps CK is warming up to the show's May release by making his second appearance on SNL.

Watch the clip here: