'Vikings' Season 2 Spoilers: Ragnar vs. King Horik, Battle Rages, Loyalties Divided in 'The Choice'? [PHOTO, VIDEO]

From Blood Eagles to birthing deformed babies, Ragnar Lodbrok may now have an insurrection on his hands with the defect of King Horik in Vikings.

Ragnar's Deformed Son Revealed in "Boneless"

Unbeknownst to the Earl of Kattegat, a disgruntled and distrusting King Horik attacked the son of England's King Ecbert - without telling Ragnar (or Lagertha for that matter). So much for a united front. But Ragnar had also been making decisions without including the King or Lagertha, a warrior and Earl now. King Horik hinted about the growing tensions between him and Ragnar in Boneless, "The three of us are equals, but one cannot be more equal than the other."

Now in The Choice, airing Thursday, April 24, our Vikings will be forced to make intense decisions on who really is the leader of the Vikings. International Business Times leaked Episode 9's summary on April 18.

Here's the big problem stirring the stew: King Horik surprise attacking King Ecbert goes against Ragnar's original motives for invading England. Ragnar doesn't really want blood, he wants something much more valuable: soil. Noting England's rich land for crops, he just wants to farm. (Hence, that calm little bathing scene between Ragnar and King Ecbert). King Horik's motives, however, are much more sinister. He wants revenge for the surprise attack that happened on the first Wessex raid.

According to International Business Times, a vicious welcome party will greet the pagans. Most likely, King Ecbert got wind of his son being put in danger by King Horik's attack so, "After a bloody battle both sides must come to new terms," reads the summary for episode 9.

Who are these both sides? King Ecbert vs. The Vikings or Ragnar vs. King Horik?

In the Episode 9 promo, we see that Ragnar is no longer taking orders from King Horik at all - which divides leadership and loyalty amongst the troops.

"The enemy is there. We have the advantage of the hill. Forward!" King Horik orders. While some Vikings obey his command, others turn to Ragnar for reassurance. Ragnar screams opposing orders at the soldiers, "Wall!" Floki is forced to choose his loyalty. The shipbuilder chooses Horik, who has been sweetening his ear for some time now.

The Vikings Battle That Started It All 

Lagertha, Bjorn and Rollo heed to the Earl's order. They shield themselves and prepare to fight. During the battle many fall (It looks like even Lagertha gets hurt!). But who will come out the true leader in the end?

The Choice airs Thursday, April 24 on History Channel at 10/9c.

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