'Dance Moms' Season 4: Maddie Ziegler's Unhappy, Mack Z Chooses Singing, Kendall Stands Up To Mom-ager? [PHOTO, VIDEO]


From new hit pop songs, to trifling mom-agers, to tumbling confidence, to emerging leaders, Dance Moms has taken the girls on a whirlwind adventure of growth.

Maddie Spills On Girl Talk Reunion: It's Hard Being Abby's Favorite

Fans are seeing a lot of leadership potential in Chloe Lukasiak, 12. She stepped up at the reunion special, Girl Talk, to unofficially host and is often encouraging the girls. Her biggest problem is her mom, Christi Lukasiak. Since Abby Lee Miller has a habit of punishing the girls for the crazy actions of their mothers, Chloe knows her dancing is in jeopardy if Christi continues to fight with Abby.

Mackenzie Ziegler, 9, aka Mack Z, is turning the pop world upside down as reported to Buddy TV Thursday. While the younger sister may have lived in the shadow of her older sister Maddie Ziegler, 11, in dancing, she sure is staking her claim by singing. On Girl Talk she sang, It's A Girl Party from her album Mack Z with the song's music video zooming up the iTunes pop charts to number one. It tops Pharrell Williams and even Disney's Frozen. Mackenzie may choose singing over dancing if this keeps up.

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While Mack Z's confidence soars, her sister's Maddie, sours. Maddie admits that sometimes she is not always happy. She basically lives in the studio to please Abby, and it looks like it's taking it's toll. Maddie said previously:

"I'm at the studio every second, minute, hour of every day and I used to beg to have a solo because she thought I didn't have the passion. I used to cry every night and be like 'she doesn't like me.'"

She also admitted it's hard to be Abby's favorite.

Kendall Vertes, 11, is struggling to find her place, as she has danced for both Abby Lee Dance Company and Abby's rival Cathy Nesbit Stein's Candy Apple's Dance Center. Like Chloe, she also has a problem in her mom-ager, Jill Vertes, who has yanked from studios. Should Kendall tell her mom to back off?

And finally, what about 12-year-old Nia Frazier? Abby throws Nia into multi-cultural numbers (she is the only African-American girl on the team). But aside from being typecast, Nia isn't getting to shine. Even though she defends Abby, Abby pretty much ignores her. Will she ever take her blinders off?

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