In Revenge's shocking Sunday finale, it was revealed that David Clarke, Amanda's long dead dad, is actually alive, kicking and back. Actor Nick Wechsler, who plays Emily's new BFF and potential romantic interest Jack Porter, shares his take on the shocking David Clarke revelation.

David Clarke's Back And Ditches Forgiveness

"That is huge! that changes everything. That changes the engine of revenge for next season... He has presumably known this whole time that his daughter has been doing this stuff. What does that mean? Was he allowing it to happen? Was he happy about it? Was he not?" Wechsler said, according to Zap2it on May 12.

The actor also mourned Conrad's death. Although a bad guy on TV, Henry Czerny was an absolute pleasure to work with as an actor.

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"The fact that Conrad goes, oh god...'" He continued, "It kind of killed me because we all are just in love with Henry and we are losing a brilliant [actor]."

He continues on the potential spark of a flame between Jack and Emily - especially now that the love of her life Aiden is dead.

"Wow, [Aiden's] grave isn't even cold!," he exclaimed. "[But] Obviously yes, it opens the door."

Fans, don't expect sparks to fly immedietely though:

"They're probably not available because of their heartbreak but they're going through the same thing at the same time and there's a window now," Wechlser said.

He speculated that if anything was to happen between them it wouldn't happen "until the end of the series" because of the "heartbreak" both characters are going through.

The writers have not officially started writing season 4, but Wechsler believes he might be able to add a little seasoning to the sauce:

"I think it's a team effort. They're all already a bunch of chefs in the kitchen creating the meal, I just want to be like 'I like this seasoning and I think this would enhance it a little bit more.'"

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