Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker is sparking the concern of her biggest fans after an extended absence from her social media accounts.

Esther Schmucker No Longer Amish?

The female star of the controversial reality show hasn't been active on her verified Facebook account since July 5, worrying her fans who are used to the star usually posting images of either herself or products she sells in her Lancaster store every few days.

The first red flag on her absence was raised by a fan on July 14, when she had been absent from her Facebook page for nine days.

Esther Schmucker 'Dedicated To The Gym Life?'

"Hi Esther Schmucker haven't seen you on here for awhile now; hope everything is okay with you," the fan wrote. "I consider you a friend, and I like checking in on them when I don't see or hear from them for awhile. Hope your enjoying your summer."

Since then several fans have wondered where she went, leaving comments on her page asking her where she's been and if she's okay, while others who have ordered her products have asked why they haven't been receiving them-resulting in others claiming the TV star has scammed them.

"Good Morning. In April a friend of mine ordered 3 of your cookbooks. He followed instructions and mailed the money order to the address provided. He has yet to receive the books," one fan wrote July 17. "I called the numbers provided on the site and one is not in service and a man answered the other, and when I asked about the cook books, he said he isn't interested and hung up. I would hate to think this has been a huge scam."

Others have hoped the star hasn't been on her Facebook page because she could be busy filming new episodes of her show, which has reportedly been on hiatus since February 26, and hasn't had a fourth season officially confirmed.

"Haven't seen any recent posts, hope everything is okay," a fan wrote July 20. "Unless you're too busy taking more Amish Mafia episodes, then I'll forgive ya. Hope you're having great weather as we are here in Michigan."

Fan concern may be warranted, as the last time the star was absent from her Facebook for a somewhat extended period was last fall, after she was offline following an attack by her English boyfriend, Imir R. Williams, who assaulted her on Halloween night and left her with a broken nose, bruises, a broken cheekbone and broken teeth.  At the time, she was off the site for one week.

However, one fan did claim on July 22 that the star is fine, and is just extremely busy and trying to enjoy her summer.

"To everyone concerned about Esther and John, they are both fine. Spoke with Esther today and discovered they are just very busy and are trying to enjoy the beautiful summer we are having here on the East Coast," the fan wrote.

No word has been revealed on a premiere date for a possible fourth season of Amish Mafia.