The 2012 Olympic's Opening Ceremony featured a spectacular entrance of Queen Elizabeth acompanied by James Bond.

In her acting debut, the Queen starred alongside Daniel Craig as they adventured into the Olympic Stadium in parachutes.

The scene directed by filmmaker Danny Boyle, began with James Bond arriving to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Bond makes his way into the palace to find the Queen in a salmon-coloured dress.

"Good evening Mr. Bond," the Queen says smiling.

Bond escorts her to a helicopter decorated with U.K.'s flag and they fly to the Olympic Stadium as they pass by landmarks of the city, including a statue of Winston Churchill that smiles and waves to them.

As the helicopter is making its entrance to the stadium, the "James Bond" soundtrack starts playing and Bond opens the door of the helicopter to let the Queen "jump" in a parachute as he follows her.

Few minutes later, the master of ceremonies introduces the Queen to the Olympics and she enters the stadium with the same salmon-coloured dress, to pretend that she actually did jump from the helicopter.

But Bond and Queen Elizabeth were not the only highly entertaining segments. British comedian Mr. Bean also took the stage at the ceremony to "perform" a version of "Chariots of Fire" with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Bean was at the piano, playing one key throughout the entire song as he seemed bored, played with his cell phone with the other hand, managed to reach for a napking to clean his nose and fell asleep and awaked to notice that the orchestra had finished performing.

The closing number at the ceremony featured ex-beatle Paul McCartney as he sang "Hey Jude" and brought thousands of people in the audience -estimated at 60,000- to sing along. 

Watch Videos of these highlights below:

James Bond Escorting the Queen

Mr. Bean Performing with the London Symphony Orchestra