Beyonce & Jay Z's adorable daughter Blue Ivy has experienced the most precious Marilyn Monroe moment.

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The famous two-year-old and her parents were taking in the Louvre art museum in Paris when Blue Ivy stood over an air vent that blew up her polka dot dress.

She seemed amazed by the impact of the device and even bent down in attempt to get closer as her parents stood by. Her red dress with sparkly polka-dots was paired with multi-colored sneakers.

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Beyonce snapped photos of her daughter as she played in the art gallery. The XO singer rocked a casual all black look with a t-shirt, black jeans and a black fedora. Jay Z wore jeans, his signature black Timbaland boots with a silver jacket and cap. Beyonce also shared snapshots of the Magna Carta Holy Grail singer and Blue Ivy tang in the Mona Lisa painting in the epic museum.

She also showed a cozy picture of her and Blue Ivy hugging one another as several people stood by. In true Beyonce form, she also snapped a few selfies, including one by a statue. Check out the pictures here.

The trio has been spending lots of time in Paris since Beyonce and Jay Z completed their On The Run last month.Since then rumors have swirled that the Drunk In Love duo has been eyeing property in Paris. It is not clear if it would be a permanent move or simply a vacation home considering they are often in the area for long periods of time at once.