"I love you but I won't be a fool for you," is the main gist of Ciara's new single, "I Bet." In August of 2014, she and the father of her son Future, had a very public break up. Rumors of cheating, old baby mama drama and clichéd "rapper's life" infidelity, imediatley circled but Ciara never spoke on it, until now.

Three Months After Baby Future is Born, Future Reportedly Stepped Out on Ciara

In her new song, "I Bet," the 29-year-old sings about her tumultuous break up with Future. How do we know it's about him? Remember that time they shut down Fashion Week in January of last year? She directly addresses that memory in her new song:

"You actin' like you upgrading me, I upgraded you

You and me Fashion Week at Paris, I put you on to that new

But you took advantage of me, took advantage of you, took advantage"

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The rest of the melodic 5-minute song continues to throw slight jabs at her former fiancé, who seems to have gotten way too comfortable.

"Wasn't born yesterday, not me

Can't get that ova me, not me
I love you but I won't be a fool for you
That is just something' that I wouldn't do, babe
I mean I would stay if you could tell the truth
But you can't, no matter how much time I ask
Is that yo' b--ch ova there giving' me the ugly stare
The one with the silicone -ss, and the Brazilian hair?
You ain't gon' respect me, no no no till I'm not there
See, I got you comfortable, now you ain't really scared
I bet you start loving me

As soon as I start loving someone else

Somebody better than you"

Listen to the song for yourselves, below.

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