'Ink Master' Season 5 Cast: Joshua Hibbard Dishes On The Stress In The Competition, 'No Oops, No Do Overs' [VIDEO]

Ink Master: Rivals contestant Joshua Hibbard revealed some details on his decision to be a part of the competition this year despite being eliminated in the past.

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On Thursday, Carter Matt posted an interview with the contestant who was eliminated from the show in the third season for "not being able to draw." So in order to prepare for this season, Hibbard did everything he could to make sure he was able to participate.

"I really took that to heart," the artist said. "I put 100% into improving my so called weaknesses. I did tons and tons of drawings, life studies, painting, and anything else that I could do that would ensure that I claimed the title of Ink Master."

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When it comes to watching the series, viewers might notice that there are a good haul of stressful moments, which according to Hibbard, the environment of stress is not exaggerated.

"We are tattooing a human campus, no oops, no do overs, you put that ink and needle to skin and it is there forever," he said. "Now add that you have to do some style that you [don't] usually do and on top of that do it in six hours. You have to please the canvas first, then satisfy the challenge, and finally doing it all better than everyone else so the judges do not send you home. Stressful it was."

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