Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels Split 2015: WATCH Ex Boyfriend Tell His Side on Breakfast Club, Says, 'I Left Her... I Don't Care Who You Move On With" [VIDEO]

The public first learned of Nicki Minaj's break up with her ex boyfriend of over a decade, Safaree Samuels, through the rumor mill. While promoting her latest album, "The Pink Print," the YMCMB rapper confirmed their split in emotional interviews and social media posts. But, until now, Safaree has been quiet about what he feels about everything that's been happening in the public eye.

Nicki Minaj Was Spotted All-Cuddled Up With Meek Mill

Recently, Nicki Minaj called him "corny" on Twitter and he was offended that she would try to "bring him down in public." He stopped by "The Breakfast Club" to tell his truth and he spilled a whole lot of tea. Here's what we learned.

On why he decided to finally speak out:

"I would never do anything publicly to put her down... I could be out here telling a million stories so I just think it's crazy that she's calling me corny... I wasn't going to do interviews or anything but then it went too far... All I've done is uplift you publicly... You want to like acknowledge people who are trying to pull me down. "

On breaking up with her:

"I don't care who you're with, that don't mean nothing to me. I want you to move on because I moved on. I left the situation... I walked away. I packed my stuff and I left. It just got to the point where the respect was gone."

Regarding her open, and often sexually charged, interactions with Lil' Wayne and Drake:

"People on the outside take more disrespect than I did... I've been dealing with it for so long that it kind of seemed like the norm to me so... I got numb to it. I definitely feel like there's some stuff that didn't have to be done."

On writing her raps:

"Don't say I don't have no talent... Every time she went to write, it was me her and the beat. She doesn't do it by herself... I'm not saying I'm the originator, I'm saying we did this together.

On Nicki's money and his money:

"Everything that I have, we got together... There's paperwork with some situations."

On physical altercations with Nicki:

"Nah, hell no. I would never beat her."

On the Mercedes Benz incident, in which Nicki busted the windows out of a car:

"All my cars are in my name," he said. But he sighed and sipped his drink when Charlamagne asked, "Did she bust the windows out?" Hmmmm....

On becoming himself again:

"I feel like I lost myself. Being out of a relationship, I have to learn how to walk and crawl again."

On Cheating:

"I was at the wrong place at the wrong time but what the girl is saying... There's no truth to that... Any girl would love to say that they messed with me... Our problem is about outgrowing each other and I may feel like I don't respect her and she may feel like she doesn't respect me." 

On keeping their relationship out of the public eye:

"It was to the point where, I can't even go out and have my arm around you and I'm an affectionate dude... I don't want to be walking 10 steps behind you and acting like you not my girl. After a while, that can put a strain on somebody. That definitely did something to me."

On dating a new chick:

"I didn't feel like it was too soon. Whether y'all know it or not, we've not been together for some time now... About 4 months...

On his current feelings:

"I'm not saying I don't love her, I'm just saying we can't be together. That's my soul mate."

On if she's dating Meek to make him jealous:

"That's a good situation for somebody... Anyone who's dating her, that's a come up for him. It is what it is.... He don't owe me nothing, he's not a childhood friend."

On taking his own life:

"I definitely, definitely have been in places where I feel like I don't want to be here anymore... I think everybody's felt like that before." 

On If There's Any Beef with Drake and Wayne:

"I don't really know Drake that well, but I like Drake. He's a respectable dude. He didn't know we were together and then after a while, he knew and he was respectful. I don't got no problem for him either. If it wasn't for Wayne, we wouldn't be here."

On his career:

"I'm building myself back up. I'm trying to get used to being around people again... We used to move how the president moves, we couldn't do stuff and be normal."

On what he misses the most about Nicki:

"Just having fun, just enjoying each other's company. It was beyond that, when you are with somebody that long, it's more than sex."

Watch the full interview, below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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