Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade: Mother of NBA Star's Son Comes For Hater Who Disses 'Forgotten' Child, 'He's A Wonderful Father' [VIDEO]

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's relationship got lots of attention when it was confirmed that he fathered a child while the two were on a brief "break"; now the mother of the one-year-old child has clapped back at a fan who claimed Wade does not take care of the baby, Xavier.

Gabrielle Union Says If She & Dwyane Wade Will Do A Reality Show 'Nothing Anyone Would Want To See'

Aja Metoyer broke her silence when an Instagram last month when a user consistently slammed her via a letter on Instagram.

"Dear Aja, You are such a f***** up h** who go what you deserved nothing but a forgotten son who will never be a important as his other sons...

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Get Ready For Holidays With Cute Christmas Card

You should look up to ladies like Gabby, so beautiful and classy....please tell me you saw the video..." they wrote, referring to a holiday greeting card that featured footage of Union and Wade preparing for the holiday season with his two older sons and nephew.

It appears the post is what brought Metoyer to her breaking point.

After catching wind of it she quickly responded.

"Dear sweet heart I hope u have a very merry Christmas .. And I hope God answers all ur prayers..Thank u for ur concern for my family however, we're all adults and my sons father is a wonderful father and takes very good care of my son and if you had your facts right you would know I never wrote a letter you can't believe everything you read sweetie...May God be with you Merry Christmas"

Check out the interaction here.

Just after news that Wade did indeed father the child hit the Internet, the Miami Heat star made it clear that he would not be speaking on the matter again, considering he was conceived while he and Union were on a quick split.

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