iPhone 5 Release Date; What to Do with Your iPhone 4 or 4S?

The eminent iPhone 5 release date is dawning and Apple customers rush to prepare. Many iPhone 4 or 4S users have reportedly began selling their gadgets to purchase the iPhone 5 upon its release date. Selling the iPhone 4, Examiner suggests, can increase funds to purchase the highly anticipated iPhone 5. 

NextWorth, a site that provides quotes for used phones, reports that they saw a spike of over 600% in the amount of requests that were made for refurbished iPhones from August 17 to September 6.

"This year, it happened a lot sooner than in years past, and happened in greater scale," Jeff Trachsel from NextWorth said.

Currently, an iPhone 4S is great condition can earn about $315. Other than utilizing eBay or Craiglist, big retailers like Target, Best Buy, or Apple, themselves, will buy back the phone, but for a lower price.

The iPhone 5 is probably the most highly anticipated smartphone to ever be released. For more than a year now Apple fans have touted its release. Many were left slightly disappointed last year by the release of the iPhone 4S instead of the 5, and that unveiling was a revamped iPhone 4 rather than a radical upgrade - which the iPhone 5 promises.

The new device has been engulfed in rumors over recent months, with one of the latest actually surrounding one of the accessories to the device. Reportedly the iPhone 5 will launch with earphones featuring a new design.

A Vietnamese site recently posted a video that shows the redesigned earphones, which was reportedly designed in California and assembled in Vietnam. They are specifically designed to not come apart the way older earbuds sometimes do and they resemble horse heads.

Various rumors have commented on the iPhone 5 having a larger screen than the iPhone 4S, and if Apple is to keep up with the current trends in the market then it is highly likely a larger screen size will be the case.

However, Apple has as usual refused to give anything away and has been happy to let the rumors run wild to help build anticipation of the next generation device. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief as "it's almost here."

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