Revolution TV Show NBC: About 'Lost' Creator J.J. Abrams' Newest Masterpiece [Trailer]

NBC's latest television series "Revolution" will be premiering on Monday. The highly-anticipated show will revolve around a blackout in which the United States has lost all technology and is put back into the dark ages.

With no electricity present, airplanes fall from above, hospitals close down, and communication becomes seemingly non-existent, amongst other long-term catastrophes.

The program centers on an intelligent and strong 18-year-old archer named Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos). The teenage girl heads on a journey to find information on the mystery event that unfolded fifteen years prior. Although she reveals her empathetic side in the pilot, the tough girl's survival skills are clearly up to par with the males.

During the time period after the world-changing ordeal, the survivors have adapted by living in simplistic communities where they grow their own food and aid the rest of their basic civilization.

The series doesn't start off with its characters attempting to save their weakened society from nature's challenges but instead to strengthen family bonds between those living.

Former "One Tree Hill" actress Daniella Alonso will also be in the series playing Nora, a rebellious girl who combats against the militia. Former Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell is on board as well to play Rachel, a parent terrified for her kids' lives in the new unideal world.

The pilot episode does not spend a lot of its time delving into its antagonists. Hence, it appears as though the villains will be slowly worked in throughout the season.

"Revolution" was created by the mastermind behind the mystery-filled "Lost" series, J.J. Abrams. However, his newest program will be heavily based on action. The NBC show is being produced by Bonanza Productions and is in association with Kripke Enterprises, Bad Robot Productions Inc. and Warner Bros.

The pilot was directed by Iron Man's Jon Favreau, who also serves as one of the executive producers.

NBC's "Revolution" will premiere on Sept. 17 at 10 PM ET.

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