Dina Lohan 'Dr. Phil': Gets Called 'Phony' and 'Inauthentic,' Michael Lohan Calls Her 'Pathetic', Parties with Lindsay Lohan on 50th Birthday

Dina Lohan is not having the best 50th birthday. 

The mother of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, turned 50 on Sept. 15, but has been criticized ever since -- from Dr. Phil McGraw to her ex-husband Michael Lohan. 

Her long-awaited and controversial "Dr. Phil" interview debuted on Sept. 17, which has brought Dina's mental stability and drinking into question. 

Dr. Phil pleaded with Dina during the interview: "Can I ask you some questions, and you answer them, not in television speak but just answer them honestly?"

He continues to express his frustration with Dina: "What you have done is distinguished yourself in the negative, you have come on here and been phony and inauthentic."

At that point, Dina raised both of her middle fingers to the camera, and said "sorry."

She tried to apologize once more to Dr. Phil, and asked the TV host to "pound that" as she presents him with her fist. "So we're friends? Nice shoes. I like them by the way. Can we pound that?" Dr. Phil remained unimpressed. Fist bump denied.  "Oh, no. OK."   

Michael Lohan spoke with Dr. Phil during a separate satellite session. According to the Daily Mail, he accused Dina of "taking money and commissions from Lindsay by lying to her."

He also alluded to Dina's drinking problem and correlated it to her strange behavior. 

'Was she drinking before she did your interview?' he asked, snickering.

Dina blamed Lohan's very public legal, drinking and drug problems on living in Los Angeles.  

"If she was living in New York five of them [criminal charges] would be obsolete," she said.

At Dina's 50th birthday dinner, Dina outdrank her 26-year-old, five-time rehab going daughter Lindsay, and drank a few mixed drinks while Lindsay had a "double vodka and club soda," according to The New York Post's Confidenti@l.  

So what does the patriarch of the Lohans think of all this?

"After finding out Dina was drinking in front of Lindsay on her birthday, not only do I think it's pathetic, but obviously she doesn't think what anyone thinks of her as a mother," he told Confidenti@l. "It's absolutely disgraceful that a mother would appear on 'Dr. Phil' in the condition she was in and continue on the same path. Even more troubling is now she was drinking around and with Lindsay."

Dina might not be able to defend herself on that one, but she did deny that she was drunk during the 'Dr. Phil' interview and blamed editing. 

She told TMZ she was not intoxicated for the interview and blamed editing for the way she came across.

"I don't care what it looks like," Dina said. "I'm fine and I don't care what anyone says."

She went on to explain why she appears the way she does in the promo: "All people saw was two minutes edited of an hour long interview. Of course they cut it to make it interesting. That's their job. I don't blame them for doing that. Some of the comments were taken out of context but I'm fine. I'm fine."

Apparently, Dina didn't see the whole interview before it premiered. 

"I think the interview will be good. I know what I said and the facts are what the facts are. The proof is in the facts. The truth will set you free."

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