Taryn Manning recently admitted that she finds it difficult to play Pennsatucky on Netflix's Orange is the New Black due to the character's morals.

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Manning, who plays the religious zealot prisoner Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett on Orange Is the New Black, spoke with the Windy City Times recently about playing such a different type of person than who she is in real life.

The actress said that she has met hardcore religious people before, but there was no one specific that she based Pennsatucky on.

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"Oh, yeah -- but not so all over the place. I have never met someone exactly like her but I have met some extremely religious people," she admitted.

Asked about Pennsatucky being so different from herself, an ardent supporter of LGBT rights, she said that it can be tough, morally.

"Yes, it is morally conflicting at times. I go home and pray about it, literally," Manning said. "I'm not racist or anti-gay. We are all human beings and I don't like how some people treat each other. It is disturbing to me."

The actress said that she was offered the outrageous role instead of having to audition, which she found to be a relief.

"I can't even explain that feeling. Auditioning is tough," she said. "It can really make or break a role. You can study so well but just get in that room and someone's energy will throw you off and you will bomb. I felt really lucky to get an offer."

Manning became a series regular on Orange Is the New Black in season 2 after being a recurring player through the first season. She will continue with her series regular status in season 3.

Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black will be released Friday, June 12 on Netflix.