Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice Disses Costars Through Fan Tweets, Kathy Wakile Apologizes (VIDEO)

Teresa Giudice has a Twitter army.

Throughout the second installment of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion, Teresa received an outpour of support from her fans. So, in her Bravo blog this week, Teresa selected the tweets that best express her thoughts.

Teresa admitted, through her fans tweets, that she is not the best at articulating her arguments.

@AllAboutTRH Damn, I wish I could take over Teresa's body and talk for her. I'd set everyone straight

@plainviewsue The problem is Tre gets very overwhelmed & cant express herself. Other ladies take advantage.

@BayneeG U did a great job last night while being attacked by 2 ex friends and 3 family members. Wow! Ur my hero.

The New York Times Bestselling author then put the tweets into seperate sections: the housewives' names. The only costar she left out was Jacqueline Laurita. Her reasoning: "I just can't put anything here. She has enough of a Twitter problem, and enough problems as it is. God Bless."

Almost directly after, she included the tweet: @TheFauxMilaniaG weird how "God Bless" has become code for "I f---ing hate your guts" #RHONJ

In part one (continuing into part two), Kathy Wakile called Giudice's father a "coward" and her mother a "liar." Due to these comments, Wakile received backlash from viewers.

Teresa included these three tweets in her blog post:

@Jhariss_225 Finally get to see the REAL Kathy Wakile. And this bish is not all sprinkles & pound cake. More so like devil's food.

@Tyga1985 Happy to see the real Kathy in all her glory. I was a fan b4 but not anymore. I think she tricked us the most.

@GregsLooseHole Only Katfish would apologize & say is that too much for u to understand. #JACKHOLE With family like that, I'd ask Santa to be orphan

In Wakile's blog post she included an apology for her behavior at the reunion.

"As I told you in my previous blog, everyone does have their breaking point; however, I'm not making an excuse or trying to justify my actions. After I lost my temper with Teresa and I realized what I had said, I apologized for my outburst. I felt terrible and I didn't need a PR rep or publicist to tell me that I should apologize, and I didn't need to check my Twitter or Facebook page to see what the viewers thought of my behavior. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It's just that simple, so without leaving the couch and without anyone talking in my ear telling me what I should do, I said I was sorry. I felt bad for the things I said, because I allowed Teresa to drag me into a dark place after Teresa brought her mother and father into our conversation. Whether provoked or not, I am not proud of my outburst. I have never purposely tried to cause harm to anyone, and I do not live my life that way."

Here's a sneak peak to the final installment of the "RHONJ" reunion. Enjoy!

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