The Vikings displeasure at Ragnar's baptism won't bode well for the King, or for Paris.

Ragnar went behind his family's back to convert to Christianity during "Breaking Point" and there is a very real chance his pagan society won't accept a Christ-friendly king. Season 3 brought the battle of the two religions to the fore like never before, and that culture clash will come to a head during "The Dead."

"From Ragnar's point of view ... he's being baptized to make sure when he dies he sees Athelstan again," series creator Michael Hirst informed Zap2It. "For the others, it's very shocking. Although they have the precedent of Rollo being baptized in an earlier season and it not making any difference. Ragnar is a deeper, more mysterious character to them, so they're not sure entirely how to take it."

One of the consequences of Ragnar's new faith will be the Norsemen's decision to renege on their peace with Paris. From what promo's indicate, Bjorn will soon step into the role of leader, leading his troops against the seemingly impregnable city for a third time.

Will Ragnar wind up six-feet under, killed by his illness or the very people he has led for so many years? Will Bjorn manage to take Paris, or will the prince be rebuked once more? Find out when "The Dead" airs this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on The History Channel.

Click the video below to see a preview for the season 3 finale.