The official cast of Survivor: Second Chance will be announced Wednesday night at the live Worlds Apart reunion, with 32 hopefuls battling for 20 spots.

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America has been voting for two weeks now to help determine the cast of Survivor: Second Chance, which is comprised of former one-time players who did not win the game. With players as early as Kelly Wiglesworth and as recent as Joe Anglim in the mix, there has been a lot of excitement over the prospective cast.

Many exit polls have been conducted over the past two weeks trying to predict who will be in the new cast. While many of these polls have similar rankings (Kass, Ciera, Spencer and Stephen up very high), anything could happen in the end.

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Enstars is now going to reveal our official predictions for the cast in order of likelihood of making it on the show.


1. Shirin Oskooi - Worlds Apart (recency bias, current season, fan favorite character)
2. Kelly Wiglesworth - Borneo (nostalgia bias, first season, name recognition, not hated)
3. Tasha Fox - Cagayan (recency, beloved season, one of the strongest females)
4. Ciera Eastin - Blood vs. Water (recency, made big moves, pretty well liked)
5. Kass McQuillen - Cagayan (recency, beloved season, iconic villain)
6. Carolyn Rivera*** - Worlds Apart (recency, current season)
7. Abi-Maria Gomes - Philippines (memorable personality)
8. Teresa Cooper - Africa (nostalgia, unique look, superfan favorite)
9. Peih-Gee Law - China (slight nostalgia, superfan favorite)
10. Kelley Wentworth - San Juan del Sur (recency, attractive young girl)

11. Kimmi Kappenberg - Australia (nostalgia, though not as beloved as others)
12. Monica Padilla - Samoa (Russell connection, solid support, but ultimately not as strong)
13. Natalie Tenerelli - Redemption Island (Boston Rob connection, but not remembered well)
14. Stephanie Valencia - Redemption Island (Early boot from hated season, though still made finals)
15. Sabrina Thompson - One World (Not remembered as much, slight lack of personality)
16. Mikayla Wingle - South Pacific (Early boot, not memorable, disliked season)


1. Joe Anglim - Worlds Apart (recency, current season, massively popular)
2. Spencer Bledsoe - Cagayan (recency, beloved season, also massively popular)
3. Jeremy Collins - San Juan del Sur (recency, strong personality, only African American)
4. Keith Nale - San Juan del Sur (recency, beloved by "casual" fans)
5. Mike Holloway*** - Worlds Apart (recency, current season, very well liked)
6. Vytas Baskauskas - Blood vs. Water (recency, popular among "casuals")
7. Woo Hwang - Cagayan (recency, beloved season, well liked by "casuals")
8. Stephen Fishbach - Tocantins (popular online presence, beloved by superfans)
9. Shane Powers - Panama (slight nostalgia, beloved by superfans)
10. Terry Deitz - Panama (slight nostalgia, popular during his season)

11. Jeff Varner - Australia (nostalgia, liked by superfans, but not memorable)
12. Andrew Savage - Pearl Islands (nostalgia, but not much support from online community)
13. Troyzan Robertson - One World (memorable character but relatively disliked)
14. Max Dawson - Worlds Apart (recency but not as well liked, even by superfans)
15. Jim Rice - South Pacific (not memorable at all, unpopular season)
16. Brad Culpepper - Blood vs. Water (hasn't campaigned at all, actively disliked) 

*** = could still win Worlds Apart, thus making them ineligible to be in new cast

While this is our best guess as of Wednesday, it's still possible that there will be massive surprises in the final cast. However, based on data received from exit polls and general comments from casual fans, this is Enstars' best estimate for who will be on Survivor: Second Chance.

The cast will be revealed at the Survivor: Worlds Apart reunion tonight at 10/9c on CBS.