'Survivor: Cambodia' News: Jeff Probst Talks Bringing Back Concept From 'Borneo' In 'Second Chance' Season

Survivor host Jeff Probst says there will be chaos in the opening moments of the upcoming season, Cambodia.

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Probst and the cast of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance are currently on location filming the season, which will air in the fall. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after filming the opening segment of the season, Probst discussed the "Second Chance" concept process and how it's culminating now.

"We started this Second Chance process almost seven months ago, and here we are shooting it. There is an excitement around day one that is hard to explain unless you're here," Probst said. "It's the culmination of seven months of creative that you're laying out and essentially turning over to a bunch of other people to go play. So you want it to be good, you want it to work."

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The host teased what viewers can expect during the opening that harkens back to the first season, Borneo.

"We have this great opening plan where we're going to do something we did the first season, and you're going to see chaos and scrambling out of the gate. It's very exciting," he said. "And it's not lost on me that this is the greatest gift I could have ever been given, to be still doing this 15 years later."

In the opening moments of Borneo, all 16 castaways were on a boat and tasked with grabbing a bunch of supplies for their respective tribe, going overboard and paddling to their beach. It's possible that they will replicate something like this in Cambodia, or it could be something else entirely. Either way, if it's something from the first season, it should be familiar territory to Kelly Wiglesworth, who is the only castaway in the mix from the first season.

Probst also talked about whether Survivor would do the "Second Chance" concept again, which involved America picking the entire cast from a group of 32 former players. The host admitted that it would have to be "the right situation" though he also revealed that CBS called him afterwards and said they loved the concept.

Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance airs in the fall on CBS. It will return to its regular Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT timeslot.

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