'The Librarians' Season 2: What Is The Staff of Zarathustra? Episode Title Teases Major Arc [VIDEO]

Filming for The Librarians season 2 is chugging along, and with it comes a host of new episode titles.

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The most recent news to leak out reveals the titles for episodes 7 and 8 of the short 10-episode order. Episode 7 is dubbed "Drowned Book," according to SpoilerTV, and episode 8 is entitled "Broken Staff."

The latter title may include a teaser for the wider season arc.

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Artifacts will soon start to mysteriously disappear from the shelves of the Library, and when Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) and his cohorts track down the man responsible, they will start the search for the "Staff of Zarathustra."

"Flynn meets Ray Glasney, an elderly man who can retrieve Library artifacts from his pocket," Raina Reveals teased in June. "Ray is looking for the Staff of Zarathustra and needs to use The Eye to find it."

Could the "Broken Staff" refer to Ray's quest? All will be revealed when The Librarians returns to TNT this winter. Check out several more episode titles below:

Episode 1: "Hollow Man"

Episode 2: "Point of Salvation"

Episode 3: "Beneath the Stones"

Episode 4: "The Image of the Image"

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