Celebrity couple Fergie and Josh Duhamel were spotted on a walk together where one of them got pretty chic.

Josh Duhamel Shows Off His Daddy Strength On Walk Through The Park

On Friday, Daily Mail posted snapshots of the actor and his wife as they were headed for a meeting in North Hollywood. Duhamel sported a blue button-up shirt with black pants while the Black Eyed Peas star donned a black dress with tall boots and a fancy hat. She added on a pair of round sunglasses and a long necklace to add to her unique style.

It's unclear on where exactly the couple was going, but it definitely seemed like it was something worth dressing up for even if it was just a meeting.

See Father-Son PHOTOS Of Josh Duhamel & His Baby Boy

Check out the photos here.

Duhamel and Fergie have been married for six years. They have one child together, Axl, who turns two next month.

In an interview posted on AOL last June, the Transformers star revealed if he would ever put his son in show business when he grows up.

"I'm going to hold off on that for as long as possible," Duhamel said. "I want him to have a good education and a normal childhood first and if he wants to do it down the road he can, but we're not pushing him towards that."

The 42-year-old also mentioned it's "going to be a while" before he and his wife plan on a second baby.