October Squirrel Awareness Month: Internet Celebrates Obscure Holiday

on Oct 06, 2012 11:48 AM EDT

It seems nearly every issue or group has a dedicated day, week or month when supporters promote awareness - including squirrels.

It's certainly the most obscure awareness campaign this month - October is pretty crowded on that front, as it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bullying Prevention Awareness Month - but Squirrel Awareness Month is a real thing. Even The Huffington Post confirms it.

One group that will certainly celebrate Squirrel Awareness Month is The Squirrel Lover's Club, an organization that promotes animal welfare - specifically to squirrels - and lists that the group is celebrating Squirrel Awareness Month on its website.

"Whether you enjoy watching and feeding squirrels in your own yard on in a public place (such as a park), or whether you have a squirrel companion (pet) who dwells with you, or you have found a squirrel who is orphaned and/or hurt, we hope to provide you with helpful information and resources," the site says. "We believe that squirrels matter and that humans and wildlife can exist harmoniously. Kindness counts and will better the world."

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But becoming a part of The Squirrel Lover's Club isn't free - the organization charges membership dues of $28 for citizens of the United States at $31 for members outside of the country.

The existence of Squirrel Awareness Month sent Internet users searching for more details on the strange holiday, and some enjoyed making fun of such an odd distinction for the month of October.

One Michigan radio station discussed the month in a blog post with a healthy dose of snark.

"If you have a bird feeder, you are probably aware that a couple of squirrels can Hoover up $20 worth of bird seed quicker than a politician can tell a lie," the blog post read.

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