DJI's foldable Mavic Pro drone is now getting more style with a slew of new accessories which announced recently. The lineup for the DJI Mavic Pro now includes several extras to help keep that $1,000 investment a bit safer for the buyer. With the introduction f the new accessories it appears that the company would like to make its foldable aviator be indestructible.

DJI's first accessory is the new 'propeller cage' that is designed for flight newbie for keeping the Mavic Pro's arms and propellers guarded during the trip. According to DJI, the cage is an ideal thing for newbie pilots while learning on how to fly the drone through constricted spaces. The extra weight of the cage will reduce the flight time to a 12-minute maximum.

Another accessory which has launched for DJI Mavic Pro is the 'propeller guard.' These are a lighter version of the propeller cage, which protect only the propellers of the Mavic Pro inflight. The propeller guards are used with slightly smaller quick-release folding the propellers to house the extra protection. As per The Verge, the guards do not protect the arms, unlike the cage, however, they does not add as much additional weight or drain the battery faster.

DJI has also released a battery-charging hub facility for the Mavic Pro. It can help in charging up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries at once and with this accessory pilot will identify which batteries need priority based off their energy levels. The charger will re-power four batteries without exchanging them out of a single charger. With this, the amount of time necessary to get all the batteries ready for flight again is reduced, according to Digital Trends.

DJI has also launched a new 'sleeve' which will be covering with soft stuffing to keep the Mavic Pro safe and free of damage. According to DJI, the sleeve will help in preventing the scratches while keeping the dust off the body the Mavic Pro's body.

The propeller cage will be priced for $159, while the smaller folding propellers for $9. Battery charging hub will cost $55 and the aircraft sleeve are available from DJI's online store, while the propeller guard is likely in at a later date for a $15 list price.