Personal family matters will be brought up once again on Livin' Lozada come Saturday!

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Over the weekend as the latest episode of Evelyn Lozada's reality TV series aired she tweeted along, mentioning, "My mom has no information on her birth certificate as to who her father is!"

That lack of information has gone on to weigh on all of the relatives in some way or another.

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Lozada even tweeted about her sister getting ahold of a man's DNA test.

Back in May Lozada traveled to the East Coast for a New York City trip, in which she snapped pictures and shared them on her Instagram, showing she was filming there for her reality TV series on OWN.

Those pictures match to the outfits she's wearing in the preview that's below of this upcoming Saturday's episode.

Lozada is still searching for her grandfather based on the sneak peek teaser. She admitted to her family that she's "really nervous about this test [DNA]."

She's at the point where she just wants answers.

"I need to know," Lozada confirms in the confessional setup.

Toward the end of the teaser, Lozada meets up with her mom and it looks like the DNA results are shared and the reactions from them are pretty telling. Squeals are heard as the results are read and it looks as though Lozada begins to cry so perhaps she finally has answers.

Livin' Lozada airs on OWN at 9 p.m. ET on Saturdays.